Box of 4


Choose the flavors as u prefer. Since we bake multiple times per week, the Donuts will be freshly delivered to your doorstep. Choose your favorites! More about the nutritional value of our donuts and toppings can be found below. Fresh the Donuts will last 5 days after shipped but can also be freeze up to 1 months –> just microwave them to reset the fluffiness. 8 is not enough? Click on that arrow to check out our bigger boxes. šŸ™‚

Melted Walnut - Dark Chocolate & Walnuts

Dark Chocolate (54,5% Cacao contents) with walnuts crumbles.

Fresh Lemon - Lemon Frosting & Lemon Zest

Authentic lemon frosting with fresh lemon zest crumbles.



We packed our donuts, frostings & crumble separately. They are not only stay fresh longer, but also allowed to be taken anywhere. Soak the frosting bag in a cup with hot water for 15 seconds. Cut open and pour over the donuts. Sprinkle the crumble and enjoy. You deserve it!


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